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Discontinued Parts
¡ Request for safe handling of our devices
¡ Maintenance Policy Guide for CPS Series (SC10-A01)
¡ Notification about replacing the SSR(for heating control) of curing machine BCOS series
Discontinued Parts (For Canon Machinery's Semiconductor Machines )
No. Parts Name Specifications Maker Replacement Parts Repair Expiration Object Machines Remarks
1 Image Processor CSC901SB2 FAST Pls ask to us Not available CPM-4020 ( For SMD Package ) Because the model changes frequently.
@ Image Processor CSC901NT FAST FV904 Series 30th APR 2011 @ @
@ Image Processor FV902 Series FAST FV2000 Series 31st.MAR 2009 @ @
@ Image Processor 902Limited FAST FV2000 Series 30th APR. 2011 @ @
2 Computer PC1000-566 Flyrech ic2000-SMP(RICOH) Not available MACS-320 CAP-Series @
3 Fiber Light Source MHF-D100LR, MHF-M100 Series MORITEX MHAA-100W Not available CPS-100VX CPS-400F CPS-500SPW CPS-610 @
4 Proximity Switch FL7TP5A6 Yamatake Honeywell APT-N01J-006 Not available CPS-3000 CPS-1800R CAP-300 CAP-500 @
5 Lens F2.8N(50mm), F4N(40mm) and F4N(75mm) Kogaku RODAGON50mmF2.8 (RODENSTOCK) Not available BESTEM-D01 BESTEM-D02 @
6 15inch LCD LCD52VM-R NEC NONE 28th DEC 2011 BESTEM-D01 BESTEM-D02 CAP-Series @
7 9inch Monocrome Monitor 9VM20 TOSHIBA TELI 9LM20SA(8.4inch) Not available CPS-Series CAP-Series CCD-DB and Others @
8 Controller for sight sensor F150-C10 Series OMRON Pls ask to us Not available CPS-100VX When the inquiry is received, the latest model is reported.
9 8bits Control Board ESP-655 and ESP-631 KYOEI ELECTRIC NONE 31st.MAY 2013 CPS-100 CPS-100VX CPS-400/F CPS-500 We occasionally have the stock. Pls ask to us..
10 Boards (made by INTERFACE corp..) Pls refer to attached another sheet INTERFACE NONE Not available CPS-610 CPS-110 CPS-1800 CPS-4000 CPS-500VX CPS-6800 Used for FC98 (Controller)
11 AC servo packing (Analog Clamping Type) CACR-PR01AD4NR CACR-PR02AD4NR CACR-PR02AD4NRY58A USAREM-01DN USAREM-02DR011 YASKAWA ƒ°series (YASKAWA) 20th MAR.2017 CPS-100 CPS-100VX CPS-400 CPS-8400 CPS-500 Modification of motor,driver and controler is necessary. Used for bonding head.
12 Temp. Controller MCS-100 Series Shinko-TECHNOS GCS-100@Series 31st MAY. 2014 CPS-100VX CPS-400 CPS-4000 CPS-500 CPS-800 BCOS MACS Depth of parts there is a difference of 10mm, and pin layout is also different.
13 Temp. Controller MCR-100 Series Shinko-TECHNOS ACR-100 Series 30th NOV. 2014 CPS-100VX CPS-400 CPS-4000 CPS-500 CPS-800 BCOS MACS Depth of parts there is a difference of 10mm, and pin layout is also different.
14 Image Sensor CV100, CV300, CV500 and CV2500 KEYENCE NONE 19th NOV 2012 CPS-500 CPS-510 MACS @
15 8-axes motion control board NPC-MPP238 Hyper Tech NONE 18th SEP 2014 CPS-4000S CPS-4000R CPS-3000 CPM-7400 Used for Recognition System (SPAR-MX Series)
16 UPS BN75XS, BN100XS, SC05(IO-CARD) and BX50XFV OMRON NONE 30th APR 2013 BESTEM-Series CPS-6800N CPS-4000L Back up for power supply
17 ƒ°series AC Servo Driver SGDA-**AP Series SGDA-**BP Series
GDA-**BS Series
SGM-**A**** Series
SGM-**B**** Series
YASKAWA NONE 21st NOV 2018 CPS-800 CPS-ƒ¿80 CPS-1800 CPS-8400 CPS-6800 SAW-DB Substrate-DB CCD-DB CPS-500VX CPS-550VX CPS-500SP CPS-1000 CAP-300 AP-400 Pri-Coat Machine @
18 Operation Panel Panel SD1103-00000 Nihon System Development NONE Not available CPS-1800R CPS-4000R CPS-500VX CPS-550VX CPS-500NX CPS-6800 CPS-110 CPS-610 CAP-300 CAP-400 MACCD-DB @
19 Switching Power Supply LWD50-1212 DENSEI-RAMBDA PBW50F ( COSEL ) Not available CPS-1800R CPS-4000R Necessary to change the installation and wiring.
20 Pin Cylinder CJP Series SMC CJP2 Series Not available All machines that use Pin-Holder (CJP-Series) [Change items] *For 6mm type and 10mm type
(1)Port Size M5 --> M3
(2)Coupler Size
21 Micro Photo Sensor PM-53 Series SUNX PM-54 Series Not available CPS-100VX CPS-500VX CPS-400 CPS-4000/S/R/L Clip-Mounter CPM-7400 BCOS-Jr. [Change items]
(1)Terminal 3pos. --> 4pos
*Pls ask to us about parts repair expiration.
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us or your salesman.
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