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[Digital Package Sorter] CAP-400II

The equipment is an automatic picker. It picks up packages on a flat ring. After flipping them, it lines up and deposits them on JEDEC tray.

High speed and low vibration pick up with the new digital head. reduced influence on packages through a pick up head and a die-ejector running simultaneously.
Up to 30 trays application with stacking method. Prevention for trays back flow. Equips with a sensor for under/over quantity of trays.
Improved operation ability with English indication (Japanese available) on the 15 inch LCD monitor. Reduced time required for changing types and set up.
Switch to whether turning a package using the parameter.
Option : connection to the dicing machine.
Pick up speed 0.48 sec/PKG
Applicable tray JEDEC (135.9~322.6mm)
Applicable package BGA, CSP
Applicable package size 3`20mm (thickness : 0.2`2.0mm)
Applicable ring size 6inch DTF2-6-1
8inch DTF2-8-1
Applicable ring magazine 6inch DTC2-6
8inch DTC2-6
Machine dimensions 1,280(W)~1,190(D)~1,630(H)mm